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Building Regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety and health for people in or about those buildings. They also include requirements to ensure that fuel and power is conserved, and facilities are provided for people, including those with disabilities, to access and move around inside buildings.

Our licence allows us to work on projects throughout England and Wales.

We work on all project types, from residential extensions to new build homes, offices or fit outs, warehousing, industrial, retail, educational, and healthcare.

5 working days – We are required to provide the Local Authority five working days to accept our Initial Notice, prior to works commencing on site.  This is a statutory period required by The Building (Approved Inspector) Regulations 2010.  Works should not commence on site prior to this period, as this would render the Initial Notice invalid.

For all projects that involve an extension or new build element we shall consult with your local sewage undertaker to ascertain the presence of any public sewers.  The sewerage undertaker may request a ‘Build over Agreement’.

Each project is priced individually based on its size and complexity. Our pricing reflects the speed and quality of service.

Upon submission of plans a review is completed within 10 working days.  This will be more if you project requires consultation with the Fire Authority.

We shall deliver a Site Inspection Plan matched to the project needs. Relevant factors will be assessed at the outset and regularly reviewed so that effective control is maintained for the duration of the project, with adequate site inspections and sufficient records, to satisfy that reasonable compliance with the relevant requirements of the Building Regulations is achieved.

With all building work, the owner and occupier of the property or land in question is ultimately responsible for complying with the relevant planning rules and building regulations. The role of checking that Building Regulations are, as far as can reasonably be determined, being complied with falls to a Building Control Body.

You will be allocated a Project Manager who will be your point of contact throughout the project.

We will usually invoice an application fee on appointment and an inspection fee following the initial site inspection after works have commenced.

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