It is with great pride that Vantage Building Control Ltd can announce that we have successfully renewed our Approved Inspector Professional Indemnity Insurance with Griffiths and Armour through to 2021.
Tony Harvey-Soanes
17 Jun 2020

Vantage Building Control Ltd started in June 2019, in the midst of a Building Control insurance crisis. After the tragic Grenfell fire tragedy, some insurers started to reassess their market position, resulting in some limiting their market exposure. These changes have resulted in a loss of market appetite and has undoubtedly changed the Approved Inspector ‘insurance landscape’.

As defined by the Building Act 1984, Section 47(6), all Approved Inspectors must have insurance with the mandatory run-off cover from a scheme approved by the Secretary of State. Furthermore, the MHCLG sets the required levels of Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance needed in order for Approved Inspectors to carry out their statutory function.

Since Vantage’s initial conception, our focus has been to add real value to the private Building Control market and industry. Company Director, Russell Beaumont, said “For such a young company, we are delighted to have renewed the necessary levels of PI insurance. Tony and I have achieved so much in our first year, including obtaining ISO 9001 accreditation and having successfully passed our first audit by our regulating body, CICAIR”.

Vantage Building Control Ltd continues to grow in a sustainable and accountable manner in an ever-changing environment.