CABE Benevolent Fund

Our Managing Director, Tony Harvey-Soanes, is honoured to become a trustee of the CABE Benevolent Fund.
Vantage Building Control
27 Mar 2023

Founded in August 1999, CABE is a non-profit organisation that focuses on sharing knowledge, raising standards and developing professionals, and creating better, safer and more sustainable buildings that enhance people’s lives. Being a member of CABE demonstrates that you are committed to delivering the highest standards while supporting your peers. As a trustee Tony will contribute in ensuring sustainability and supporting CABE.

The CABE Benevolent Fund is there to support members and their families when they are struggling. These can be in times of financial hardship or it may need assistance through our partnership with Anxiety UK. CABE also offers support from Home Energy Support Scheme, helping our members who may find themselves struggling financially with the cost of their home energy bills. This is why we are so proud Vantage can support and contribute to this community. The work done with CABE is invaluable and we are fortunate to be a part of it.

CABE aligns itself with the values we represent within our company, at Vantage we’re happy to support our peers and invest in our shared expertise. Embarking on this journey to become a trustee has been an amazing way to increase our contributions to the community! We will keep you updated on the fund’s efforts to support our industry.

Find out more about CABE via their website.