Meeting Abigail

We sat down with Abigail Atkinson, our newest apprentice, to find out more about who she is and what inspired her to want to pursue a career in building surveying.
Vantage Building Control
27 Mar 2023

Abigail started with us on the 5th of April 2022 as our Business Support Assistant, however, over the last year she realised she wanted to pursue a career as a surveyor.

What drew you to Vantage as a business?

"Choosing to work for Vantage was easy! I am a naturally awkward person when meeting new people but as soon as I met Lucinda and Tony I felt comfortable, which was very important as enjoying your co-workers' company makes the job even better.

Vantage attracted me because they understand that as a single mother with two small children, sometimes there are circumstances that cannot be avoided. It's clear Tony and Russell, understand what it means to raise a family while working full-time. And their support is greatly appreciated by me."

What drew you to the industry?

"The opportunity to do good work. The idea of working with the industry to ensure unfortunate tragedies like Grenfell Tower don’t happen again is very important to me."

What projects are you most interested in?

"The projects coming into Vantage at the moment cover so much, which is great as I love the variety. I enjoy looking at the works for large new builds, with beautiful designs to encourage sustainability."

What are your interests outside of work?

"My world is around my family and spending time with my children, I visit my parents and younger sister every opportunity I get.

As a single parent, a lot of my interests circle around my children, however in all the best ways! We have just started swimming lessons, which I love as it was a passion of mine when I was younger. I was very sporty before my 20’s, I would be participating in Hockey, Swimming, Football, Horse-Riding, and Carriage Driving, now outside of work I encourage my children to take up sports."

Abigail is an excellent addition to our team of surveyors she is hard-working and passionate about her career, and we look forward to her apprenticeship journey!

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